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Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During The Holidays.

 Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! The Holidays are upon us and for many it’s a magical time. But for many others, it’s a fragile  time. Not everyone is blessed with family, a multitude of friends and resources.

For many years, I spent my holidays alone as my family of origin was fragmented. So what did I do back then?  Well a  wonderful family, The Hamms, “adopted” me  and always invited me to their festive Christmas Eve early on which always eased so much pain. They are and will always be on the top of my gratitude list.  Now all that’s changed drastically with a large family by marriage but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like.

So in the spirit of  gratitude and “Holiday Giving” I share with you, Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During the Holidays:

"Even if you never met me, I thank you for today."

“Even if you never met me, I thank you for today.”

For obvious reasons, the last week’s been rough, filled with countless emotions:  fear, confusion, anger, disbelief.   I’ve written countless drafts of new blog posts and nothing, absolutely nothing seemed to feel right.  But today, in line with my last two posts on just how much one person can change the world,  something caught my eye.

Yesterday, Andrew J Parker, a well-regarded Toronto film critic, posted what others are calling a “suicide note” on his blog.  Pieces of his posts appeared on his Twitter feed as well, sending the internet into a frenzy. What happened next is heartwarming. Concerned followers started tweeting others asking for his whereabouts, immediately alerted the authorities and got him help. Thank God.

Later, he tweeted back :

A life well LIVED. #RememberLisa

A life well LIVED. #RememberLisa

As much as writing is often “therapy,” for obvious reasons the last couple days  have found me at a loss for words. Now emerging a bit, a couple of observations:

Much has been written about social media and the demise of our society. In fact, my last blog post on what I am calling the #CurtShillingMovement touched on both the bad and the good of social media. The last few days however have re-affirmed for me the good. Case in point: the social media outpouring of love about the life, tweets and writings of daughter-in-law, Lisa Bonchek Adams, under the hashtag #rememberLisa.

What's Your Rub?

What’s Your Rub?

We recently visited Chicago for our grand-daughter Gwyneth’s 3rd birthday. Aside from being utterly delicious, she’s a wise one. She’s turned inside and found a way to calm herself when need be and connect with others. Our family calls it: The Ear Rub (#TheEarRub).  From time to time, she’ll stop and give herself a little break and rub her own ear or that of someone she loves. 

Pass the Compassion...Please!

Pass the Compassion…Please!

I don’t know about you but of late I’ve been struck by just how little compassion there seems to be out of there. This lack of compassion comes in all shapes and sizes, knows no economic boundaries and sounds quite a bit like the following:

  1. Just move on, would you!;
  2. Whew, I’m of the hook!;
  3. That’s Not My Problem!;
  4. Heh, That’s the Past, Get Over it!;
  5. I’m just at a different place in my life. (I think the last one is perhaps the worst of all as it feigns sincerity and kindness.)

Good Grief, Charlie Brown - Part Two

Good Grief, Charlie Brown – Part Two

Last week’s blog post regarding friendship and grief certainly seems to have struck a cord with you, my readers.  Hence, a Good Grief, Charlie Brown: Part Two seems in order.

It’s clear from the many emails received that a lot of you are experiencing intense challenges.  As we are all too well aware, these are unprecedented times.  Let me begin by saying that you may feel stuck, feel alone, feel abandoned (you pick the label), but know this:  you can overcome any unwanted feelings and overcome any obstacles once you set your mind to it.  It may be tough.

helping people

It may not be fun, but you can make it happen if you CHOOSE to do so.  But you must choose.  One of the very ironic things I have learned along the way is we are better able to CHOOSE when we show up for others.  “Being there” emotionally and spiritually for someone unconditionally opens up many blessings.  And those blessings are not just for the person you are helping, they bless you too!

Good Grief, Charlie Brown - Part One

Good Grief, Charlie Brown – Part One

I have been thinking lots about friendship, grief and support of late. Reading lots about it too. I am struck by how seemingly scared people are to be there for another in their grief.  It seems they almost fear they will catch themselves a case of “grief,” like the common cold.  How utterly tragic. In my own experience when I show up for someone who is grieving, not only am I there for the other person but I am there for myself.  I feel connected with the Divine, my Higher Power.  It is a blessing on me.  I learn so much.

Nowhere do I see this fear of grief more often these days than in job loss scenarios and divorce.  Some people seem to think that if they reach out to another in one of those two scenarios, they will lose their job or their own relationship might suffer.  This often manifests in words like “we don’t want to get involved” or “I know nothing about job searching so I could never help you with that.”  Ugh. Double ugh.

Welcome to the YOURENEVERSTUCK Blog
Career and Business Fashion and Style Inspiration

Welcome to the YOURENEVERSTUCK Blog

You’re Never Stuck. …Really.

I know it sure feels like we are stuck sometimes. In fact, here I am with a company called “You’re Never Stuck, Inc.” and I spent the last few years feeling very, very stuck. Geeeeezzzzz, talk about the irony!  But here’s the thing, being stuck is all in our minds.  It’s not real.  I just thought I was stuck.  But guess what.  I wasn’t stuck and neither are you.  It was/ is just a feeling ~ and you have the power to change that.

But wait!!!   Where is all this coming from and who the heck am I ???

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