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Have you been making assumptions without facts? Here's why that spells trouble.
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Making Assumptions Without Facts? Think Again.

Assumptions are very dangerous things, especially in our personal lives. Assumptions get people in trouble daily and when combined with misinformation,  are frankly downright disrespectful. They manifest as accusations, unkind words and often gossip.

Think I am alone in that belief? Not so much. author don Miguel Ruiz, in his well-regarded best seller puts it this way:

“If others tell us something we make assumptions, and if they don’t tell us something we make assumptions to fulfill our need to know and to replace the need to communicate. Even if we hear something and we don’t understand we make assumptions about what it means and then believe the assumptions. We make all sorts of assumptions because we don’t have the courage to ask questions.”
― Miguel RuizThe Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

And this:

The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth! We invent a whole story that’s only truth for us, but we believe it. One assumption leads to another assumption; we jump to conclusions, and we take our story very personally. Then we blame others and react by sending emotional poison with our word. (Emphasis added).

That said, I recognize everyone has a bad day, a bad week and forgiveness is often in order. But perhaps the next time you are tempted to make assumptions, you might want to communicate, ask questions if appropriate, apologize and promise to do better the next time.

ps…This post in no way was inspired by family members near or far. xo

With love,

Patty Comeford Adams


Anxiety Solutions That Have Worked For Me
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Anxiety Solutions That Have Worked For Me


May I just lay it on the line and say it totally sucks? If you’ve never experienced an anxiety attack, you my friend, are one of the lucky ones.

In my view, its’s one of the most unpleasant sensations we human beings can feel. And panic attacks? Purely the devil’s work!  Psychologists tell us that anxiety tends to manifest whenever we feel unsafe and can range from low-grade discomfort to higher intensity emotions bordering on panic.  Anxiety came on with a vengeance for me when I started peri-menopause. Immediately my doctor wanted to put me on “regular” medication. That certain helped in the short term but I was concerned with the addictive nature of such medication and began investigating other things.

Here are eight things that worked for me:

Fashion and Style

Got Personal Style?

I receive a whole lot of email from folks asking me if they should buy a particular item. My answer is always two fold and can be found in earlier blog posts here and here. That said, your personal style is  a whole additional matter. It’s way more that what you buy because well, —it’s you

One of the easiest ways to do create your personal style is to do the following:

Pick a signature item


Whaaaaat? One item? Well, no not exactly. The idea is to pick something that signifies you each any and every time. It can be a brand you wear, a color, a series of items, etc . It can change over time but it’s a quick and easy way to create  your own personal style is to think of it as your “fashion sign”. Let me give you some examples:

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