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Anxiety Solutions That Have Worked For Me
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Anxiety Solutions That Have Worked For Me


May I just lay it on the line and say it totally sucks? If you’ve never experienced an anxiety attack, you my friend, are one of the lucky ones.

In my view, its’s one of the most unpleasant sensations we human beings can feel. And panic attacks? Purely the devil’s work!  Psychologists tell us that anxiety tends to manifest whenever we feel unsafe and can range from low-grade discomfort to higher intensity emotions bordering on panic.  Anxiety came on with a vengeance for me when I started peri-menopause. Immediately my doctor wanted to put me on “regular” medication. That certain helped in the short term but I was concerned with the addictive nature of such medication and began investigating other things.

Here are eight things that worked for me:

Finding Love After 50

Finding Love After 50

Valentine’s week is upon us. For many it’s about candy, flowers and gifts but for others it’s a painful time. It doesn’t help that like our other holidays, it’s commercialized to the hilt.  A break-up. A death. Divorce.  Loneliness.  These are the things the advertisers ignore but they are real. As I shared in earlier post here , for many years I was lost in the relationship department. So today, I thought I’d share some thoughts on finding love after 50. And heh, I’ve also introduced several couples who eventually married, so listen up!


Making Your Home Look Fashionable: 7 Tips

Making your home more fashionable doesn’t have to be difficult – or expensive. In fact, many of us are always looking to stay current with fashion but what about our home? It’s important too. After all you live there every day, right? My husband and I spent two years remodeling our entire home and I vowed after doing so, never to let our home slip again. Let me be clear, I’m not saying you have to remodel! Frankly, I’d never do it again. But in the process of studying design trends and working with our talented designer, Dana Lyon from Palm Design Group, I learned some simple tips that anyone can do.

Here are my 7 tips to making your home look fashionable:

Valentine’s Gifts for the Fashionista in Your Life
Fashion and Style Inspiration

5 Valentine Gifts for the Fashionista in Your Life

Valentine gifts. They can be tricky. Women readers, this is one of those posts you can casually forward to your husband, boyfriend or crush, so get ready. Male readers, if you have a fashionista who is a challenge to buy gifts for each year on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered! You are going to be a style hero to your valentine. Lucky you! To make your shopping experience much easier, I have put together five great

Valentine Gifts for the fashionista in your life!

Ellie's Potato Soup
Fashion, Career, Business & Life Inspiration

Potato Soup for Ellie

Ellie’s potato soup was a huge hit when I shared it on Instagram that I have decided to go ahead and, out of character, I’m sharing the recipe – a very important recipe!  You see, on Christmas Eve day my husband and I were lucky enough to have lunch on top of  Jackson Hole Mountain  (our home away from home) at the amazing Couloir Restaurant with two of our 13 grandkids, Ben and Ellie.  Snuggler-in-chief granddaughter Ellie (who has her own cupcake business) was super smart ordered the potato soup.  After seeing and tasting it we were all so jealous. Both Ellie and I have been texting about it every since.


What NOT To Say To Someone Who’s Depressed

Have those post holiday blues? Well, you’re not alone and it can be quite unpleasant. That said, please keep in mind that this is typically very different from clinical depression.

Depression is a disease with a variety of often disabling manifestations. In depth information about depression can be found via one of my favorite mental health writers and activists, Therese Borchard. Theresa is an inspiration in every sense of the word-writing and blogging about “taboo subjects” such as depression, anxiety, suicide and mania. She’s incredibly brave and wise and I hope you will visit her blog here.

If you have ever experienced clinical depression, you will love her top 10 thing not to say to someone who is depressed:


Six Ways To Take Care of YOU(!) During The Holidays

A few weeks ago, I wrote Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During the Holidays. It seems to have struck quite a cord. The response was overwhelming; 507 views in just one day alone!

As such, I thought I’d write one just for  you as so many of us are not so great at taking care of ourselves over the Holidays.

  1. Remember that anyone can be who they want online. A dear friend reminded me of this recently and isn’t it true? Just like the newspapers, don’t believe everything you read or see online or elsewhere. Pictures and people rarely tell the full story on-line.
  2. Remember that the Holidays are chocked full of expectations and few meet them. I’m a master at setting high expectations for myself over the Holidays. I did it again this year so I purposefully scheduled a trip this week to create some downtime. I’m aware most can’t do that so it helps to continuously remind oneself to scale back. Set your phone to remind you to take one hour for yourself if need be.
  3. Remember to say no if you are in need of self care. Tradition or not, sometimes for whatever reason it’s just not appropriate to go to the party, attend the celebration. Just because it’s December doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself or stand your ground. This is hard when you’re receiving pressure from all angles but you must do it for you.
  4. Remember to give to the less fortunate. One of my favorite all time quotes  is “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” (Proverbs 3:27 ESV)  Doesn’t that capture the essence of the true Holiday spirit? Do you really need one more toy in the house when so many have none?
  5. Remember that few  people will remember what you gave them next year. Oh how I hem and haw over the “right” gift! I’m learning that there is no such thing. Please join me in refraining from torturing ourselves.
  6. Remember that the overindulgence of food & drink will make you loathe yourself.  It’s taken me 55 years (!) but I’ve finally realized that the best self care over the Holidays is not overdoing it. I take extra care in eating healthy and as much exercise during this time of year. There’s nothing worse that feeling yucky on Janurary 1st.

So tell me what are some of the ways you take care of yourself over the Holidays? I’d love to hear!

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5 Polite Ways To Respond To a Rude Comment

5 Polite Ways To Respond To a Rude Comment

I know a lot of people are entertained by snark but I happen to find it super rude. And funny?  Not so much.  That said, there will always be a time in our lives that we will encounter such rudeness and the Holidays are no exception. In fact, it just happened to be a few months ago. I confess that it rendered me speechless and I stewed about it for days. Not good. So I got to wondering…

What do you do when you encounter rudeness? Do you respond in a snarky way right back? Given the old adage, two wrongs will never make a right, I think we can do better.  Perhaps (though sadly not so often),  you will even help the person realize that what she (or he) did and give him or her pause the next time.  

Here are some polite ways to respond to a rude comment: 

Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During The Holidays.

 Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving! The Holidays are upon us and for many it’s a magical time. But for many others, it’s a fragile  time. Not everyone is blessed with family, a multitude of friends and resources.

For many years, I spent my holidays alone as my family of origin was fragmented. So what did I do back then?  Well a  wonderful family, The Hamms, “adopted” me  and always invited me to their festive Christmas Eve early on which always eased so much pain. They are and will always be on the top of my gratitude list.  Now all that’s changed drastically with a large family by marriage but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like.

So in the spirit of  gratitude and “Holiday Giving” I share with you, Six Easy Ways To Comfort Others During the Holidays:

What to do when you forget someone's name

What To Do When You Forget Someone’s Name

It happens to everyone soon or later, especially in our 5o’s and beyond. You run into someone you know, perhaps in an out of context setting, and you go blank. In fact, “Le Husband” and I often joke that I typically  remember the first name and he remembers the second; so somehow we patch it together!  It’s even more embarrassing when you are in charge of introductions.  So what do you do when you forget someone’s name?

According to Benjamin Levy, a memory trainer (yes, they exist),  and the author of Remember Every Name Every Time: Corporate America’s Memory Master Reveals His Secrets , there’s no telling when your memory is going to flash an “out of order” sign.   However, he assures us that there’s no need to panic. I say, “Well then, show me what to do  Benjamin!”

Here are 7 of Levy’s recommendations:

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