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DrumRoll… New Blog Reveal

What’s It All About Patty Comeford??


Much like before we’re relaunching our

LifeStyle Blog,

Celebrating Women Over 50 everywhere

So what exactly are we all about?


(‘Cause Fashion is changes but style endures…ask Coco)


(But of course)


(‘Cause stuff happens)


(‘Cause even more stuff happens)

Business & Customer Loyalty

(‘Cause dreams and customer service matter)


(‘Cause books are everything)

Family & Friendship

(‘Cause they make life rich)

Spirituality & Faith

(‘Cause that’s what really matters)

Advice on Getting Unstuck

(‘Cause I wrote a book about that very issue:

Lessons From A Headhunter With Heart)

and, of course…


So, pretty much everything.

I promise that it’ll be loaded with Fun too!


Patty Comeford

(‘Cause I’m Fun!)


Making Your Home Look Fashionable: 7 Tips

Making your home more fashionable doesn’t have to be difficult – or expensive. In fact, many of us are always looking to stay current with fashion but what about our home? It’s important too. After all you live there every day, right? My husband and I spent two years remodeling our entire home and I vowed after doing so, never to let our home slip again. Let me be clear, I’m not saying you have to remodel! Frankly, I’d never do it again. But in the process of studying design trends and working with our talented designer, Dana Lyon from Palm Design Group, I learned some simple tips that anyone can do.

Here are my 7 tips to making your home look fashionable:

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