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Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today: The Duster Revisited

A few weeks ago I wrote another post in our popular series, Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today. Since then, I’ve received tons of emails asking what “dusters” I was wearing and where they can be purchased.

The dusters were from from one of my favorite stores, Calypso St. Barth but alas they no longer make them!  So since then, I’ve done quite a bit of research and found you, our dear readers,  a few more options. I hope you find one that tickles your fancy. Enjoy!

Dusters: Revisited!

Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today: Tip Number 5

Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today Tip Number 5

Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today has been one of my most read series of all time!  Today, I’m sharing with Tip #5. You are going to love this one. Are you ready?

Try Dusting.  Dusting??  Yes, Embrace the Duster!  Wait, huh? You want me to run around with a feather duster or something?  Ummm no…..while it might be fun to watch others’ reactions, that’s not what I am talking about.

Sometimes style is about getting noticed, standing out.  The duster is one of my favorite ways to get noticed and look thinner at the same time.


What I’m talking about is this:

The Duster Cardigan:  This is truly one of my favorite pieces in my entire wardrobe. I have three: in camel, black and a sparkly blue. People alway stop me and ask where I got them and always seem to ask me if I lost weight when I wear them. Score!  I wear them with jeans, leggings, dresses, heels, flats –you name it.

Now one caveat: there are lots and lots of knee length cardigans out there right now. I like them but if you go that route, be careful as some are boxy and can accent in all the wrong places. (I’ve provided you with a link below that is great.)

To look 10 pounds lighter, I like the maxi cardigan; the ones that skim the floor. Here’s what I’m talking about:
Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today Tip Number 5

Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today Tip Number 5

DSC_0153 copy

Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today Tip Number 5

If you’re ready to start adding dusters to your collection, I’ve found some great options!

Zeagoo Fashion Sleeve Cardigan Blouse

Audrey 3 + 1 Slither Snake Floor Length Maxi Velour Cardigan

Free People Santa Cruz Cardi

Eniko Patch Pocket Cashmere Duster

There you have it. Do you “dust”? Send me a picture of your favorite duster!

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*Disclaimer: Some posts contain affiliate links. Though I may earn a small income should my readers choose to purchase through the links I share, all opinions, reviews and product evaluations are my own. – Patty

Got Style?
Fashion and Style Got Style?

Got Style? 3 More Easy Tips

Got Style? Well, do you?

Hello loyal readers!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled,  Got Style? (You can find it here if you missed it.) The response was so tremendous that we’ve decided to make it into a regular series. As such, you can always find it in the section above section marked “Series” above.

But what am I talking about? Coco Chanel reminded us, “Fashion changes but style endures”. Read on!

Here are 3 more “Got Style?” tips for you:


Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today: Tip Number 4

Okay, so we were hoping that we were fashion trendsetters at but so soon?

One of my loyal readers just pointed out, one of Oprah’s “favorite things” is hidden wedges! Heck ya, we knew that Queen Oprah! Remember our post on hidden wedges?  Well, we’ve been looking taller and thinner for some time now!

Given lots of new brands have gotten into the “hidden wedge”game and so many of you have written me about where to get hidden wedge boots , we’ve curated a few more options for you. It is the holiday season after all.  Remember: the hidden wedge is all about the illusion of being taller and thinner. Yes, we’re a fan of wedges in general but the hidden wedge is your secret weapon. And here I have some great new eye candy for you!

Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today Tip Number 1

Ways To Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today: Tip Number 1

Recently I tweeted from @youreneverstuck, asking folks to direct message me about where they feel most stuck. For many of us +40 women, the resounding message was- my weight! So without joining the masses who tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat/drink/exercise, this short fashion post is for you!

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