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Exciting News for YNS (and YOU!)

News! I love being able to tell you that I have news. Lots of news in fact! News you’ll just have to read on to find out about!

Remember on March 9th I released a spotlight post that centered around Patricia Green Shoes? What I didn’t say in that post is that Patricia and I were working together on a new project that is going to be a major game changer here at YNS. You see, I fell in love with Patricia Green Shoes early on in life and have been just dying to meet her. So in March, I did just that. I visited her headquarters in Palm Springs!

In the midst of all our business, life and fashion talk, Patricia and I really connected both as women and as professionals which only made me all the more eager to collaborate with her on a much larger scale.

So after talking and emailing and lunch meetings, I can finally announce my big news!

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