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Trending Now: Puffer Coats & Vests

Hello All!

As the cold weather is upon us, I thought I would share with you three of my very favorite cold weather brands and how they differ.


First off,  I have to confess that I’m a puffy coat addict and often wear two at a time when I’m really, really cold. Yes, even though I escaped the cold the Midwest and now live in Arizona, it gets quite cold here at night! (Think: cold/ dry/mountain air). Before you think I’ve become a total wimp, rest assured my Minnesota and Wisconsin friends can’t believe how cold it gets here in Scottsdale, but I digress…

So onto my three favorite brands; the last of which is uber affordable!

Fashion and Style

Got Personal Style?

I receive a whole lot of email from folks asking me if they should buy a particular item. My answer is always two fold and can be found in earlier blog posts here and here. That said, your personal style is  a whole additional matter. It’s way more that what you buy because well, —it’s you

One of the easiest ways to do create your personal style is to do the following:

Pick a signature item


Whaaaaat? One item? Well, no not exactly. The idea is to pick something that signifies you each any and every time. It can be a brand you wear, a color, a series of items, etc . It can change over time but it’s a quick and easy way to create  your own personal style is to think of it as your “fashion sign”. Let me give you some examples:

Fashion and Style

How to Never Make a Fashion Buying Mistake Again: Rule 2

Today we continue with our Series:  How To Never Make a Fashion Buying Mistake Again: Rule 2!  Oh Mon Dieu!  I’m not kidding when I say that Rule 2 is going to change your life and make everything so much easier!!!

Rule 2 is all about labelsbut NOT the kind of labels you think!  What am I talking about? Well, read on.

I acquired this gem of a rule from the absolutely delightful book by Jennifer L. Scott, Less

How To Never Make A Fashion Mistake Again : Rule #1
Fashion and Style

How To Never Make A Fashion Mistake Again : Rule #1

YoureNeverStuck is not big on “fashion rules” but when it comes to avoiding fashion mistakes, I’ve got a few.   These few rules determine what I buy, what I donate and what I consign. These rules save me money a lot of money and never fail me!

So as you clean out your closet, shop on-line or in store, this rule is for you, our lovely readers.

Rule # 1: Gotta Absolutely Love It:

Love. Not Like. And Love Absolutely.

You have to love how it looks on you, love how it feels on you and love every single detail about it. There can’t be a glimmer of doubt. This little gem of a rule  is sometimes harder than it seems but it works like a charm. A few examples:

Welcome to the YOURENEVERSTUCK Blog
Career and Business Fashion and Style Inspiration

Welcome to the YOURENEVERSTUCK Blog

You’re Never Stuck. …Really.

I know it sure feels like we are stuck sometimes. In fact, here I am with a company called “You’re Never Stuck, Inc.” and I spent the last few years feeling very, very stuck. Geeeeezzzzz, talk about the irony!  But here’s the thing, being stuck is all in our minds.  It’s not real.  I just thought I was stuck.  But guess what.  I wasn’t stuck and neither are you.  It was/ is just a feeling ~ and you have the power to change that.

But wait!!!   Where is all this coming from and who the heck am I ???

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