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The Year of the Purge - Part 2: Let me be clear: I am only purging those who have behaved in such dysfunctional/non-productive ways and have made no attempt to clear the air or apologize. And mostly, I am purging "stuff" that no longer serves me.
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2017: Year Of The Purge: Part 2

Hello! Wow, did last week’s  blog post on 2017 purging ever strike a chord. It seems  that I am not the only one that needs to purge things and people from my life!

Interestingly, I received all sorts of emails from folks asking me not to purge them. Oh sheesh, no worries there!

Let me be clear: I am only purging those who have behaved in such dysfunctional/non-productive ways and have made no attempt to clear the air or apologize. And mostly, I am purging “stuff” that no longer serves me.

I also received many more emails and messages and folks who were of the same mindset. Maybe this nasty election did us all in. The acrimony was beyond!

In any event, one of the questions that I’ve repeatedly gotten  from readers is this:

How do you get rid of stuff so easily?”

Well for one I’ve moved alot which makes it easy. But mostly I adopt the following question:

“Do I really,  really love it?”

If the answer is no, it’s donated, consigned to my favorite consignment store, To Be Continued, or give it to someone I love.

I ignore the silly “rules” about whether I’ve worn it or not in the last year. I have things in my closet that I haven’t worn in over a year but because I love them so much, know that I will wear them again.

So I’m curious, what works for you when you need to purge stuff?

With love,

Patty Comeford Adams, JD


The Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe
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The Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

Wardrobes of any kind are a place that I could lose myself in with glee. Whether it’s full of cashmere or every day wears, there is something magical about a wardrobe.  Seeing fibers and patterns, pops of color just fill me with joy and I absolutely love a wardrobe that has been put together well.

Lately, capsule wardrobes are all over my Facebook feed, my Pinterest page and I am even seeing great posts on this minimalist approach to clothing on Twitter! While I do believe there is nothing quite as stunning to the eye as a wardrobe overflowing with fine fabrics in every style, the idea of a capsule wardrobe is growing on me. With that in mind, I thought today I would touch on some of the many benefits to owning a capsule wardrobe and even hand you some tools to start your own today!

3 Benefits To Capsule Wardrobes:

Benefits of capsule wardrobes on yns

1 | You never really run out of things to wear!

Honestly, it’s true. Although you would think that owning less would cause you too have less to wear, the reality is that you have more because you can create so many different outfits based around one top or one hat. Keeping this simple does it actually mean that you are limiting yourself. It means you will be able to use your imagination to expand what you already have.

2| You can mix and match everything you own and create a constant flow of outfits.

When you start the purge and decide to go minimalist you will be forced to find your personal style. Not only is your personal style a reflection of who you are but it is also a way of allowing your personality to shine through your clothes. If you are a person who doesn’t shy from color, consider pairing your wardrobe down to neutral tones and making them pop with lemon yellow wedges or a neon patterned scarf. The possibilities are endless when you start with a clean palette.

3 | Shopping expenses will go way down, allowing you to spend more on quality rather than over spend on quantity.

How many times have you sworn that you were not going to buy any new clothes this month and then wound up with around six new tops and four new pairs of pants – that you have not even worn! It happens to the best of us. The trick is to keep the above mentioned “personal style” in the front of your mind when you are out and about and have no intention to shop for yourself. This way you will never make another fashion buying mistake again and you will always look fashionable, in style and well put together.

With these three key benefits in mind, I have created a handy printable for you to use when deciding if a capsule wardrobe is right for you! Head on over here to print it out and get to work on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe to fit your life and style today!

Still not sure where to start? My Pinterest. Closets To Die For,  board can help get you inspired!

Now tell me: Have you seen all the capsule wardrobe goodness going around? What do you think? Leave me a comment to your own post (if you have one) or just leave your own thoughts below and let’s start a conversation about additional benefits to owning a capsule wardrobe!

See you soon!


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