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Hello! I'm Patty Adams and I am thrilled you have come by to learn more about me!
I’m Patricia Comeford Adams, but my friends call me Patty. And I do hope we’ll become fast friends! I’m a woman who wears many hats including (but not limited to!) being an entrepreneur, a “recovered lawyer” and author of the award-winning book Lessons from a Headhunter … with Heart.  After years of being stuck in a job I hated, relationships that didn’t work and plenty of dysfunction, my motto is: “You’re Never Stuck”.  Here’s just one example:

In a bit of rags to riches story, after spending two years of being unhappy practicing law,, I founded a legal staffing and offsite document review company.  Everyone thought I was nuts! What–you’re leaving a “great salary” to break off on your own and make nothing to begin with? But after several years of hard work, in January 2007 after my brand and expertise captured the attention of a public company, I sold my company. In true, You’re Never Stuck fashion, I walked out the next day and promptly moved to warm weather Arizona!

Today, I’m writing about fashion, careers, biz, inspiration and anything that will help you get unstuck!  Ever the fashion/shoe/handbag/mascara junkie, I’m a brand ambassador for select brands such as To Be Continued.  I’m also a passionate philanthropist, a Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota’s Board Member, rescue advocate, “new” wife and grandma (aka “Patty-Cakes”) to 13 adorable grandchildren!  I’m a wee bit overwhelmed at times, get temporarily stuck on occasion but I love every second of it!

So whether you’re feeling that you just can’t get “unstuck”, or you need a little inspirational pick-me-up, you’ve come to the right place!

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