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Happy International Woman’s Day

Happy International Woman’s Day!

Today’s a day filled with protests, shopping boycotts and the like. I get it. These are strange times and in some ways things seem to be returning to dark ages. Sheesh, all I can think of is, how did we get here?

As I’m working hard not to be discouraged by the constant acrimony that is out there,  today I’m celebrating International Woman’s Day in the following way:

  • being mindful of the many wonderful women and grandchildren of all ages  who have graced my life;
  • being mindful of how lucky I am to have these amazing woman in my life; and
  • telling these beautiful women how lucky I am to have them surround me in good times and in bad and making sure they know that I am always there for them;
  • being mindful that, as the Sioux Indians remind us life is both giving and receiving.

The picture here (an oldie) is one of my amazing step-mom who even after my Dad’s death remains an incredibly important woman in my life. She has been there for me through thick and thin and do I ever feel blessed.

I wish you a heart-filled day celebrating all the wonderful women in your life.

Much love,




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