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From Bland to Glam with just One Accessory

Scarves are one accessory no women should be without. Whether they are keeping you warm or taking your look from day to night, a scarf is the obvious choice for maximum style. Maximizing your fashion and style with one simple trick can save you loads of time but also ensure that you are passing off a polished and finished look.

If you have been coming around YNS for awhile, I am sure you’ve noticed that I like to include a scarf in my outfits or even just as photo props. I have so many that there is rarely a time I am lost for which one to pair with my daily outfits. I also have several that are “night only” scarves, meaning that I wear them to glam up my nightly ensemble.

Since I love scarves so much I thought I would put a spotlight on them today and show you a few different ways you can accessorize your look with just a simple scarf.

Way To Wear Scarves #1: To Keep You Warm

Way to wear scarves #1: to keep you warm

I love these looks because they are staying in style while not sacrificing their warmth to the fashion gods. It’s easy enough to match a thick wool scarf to any outfit in the fall or winter and still come out looking chic.

Way To Wear Scarves #2: As Clothing

Way to wear scarves #2 as clothing

I adore this idea simply because it’s unique and yet still manages to bring a major “POP” quality to your outfit. If you plan on trying this, however, I definitely recommend going with a scarf that I thick enough to not show through but also stylish enough to make you stand out.

Way To Wear Scarves #3: As An Accessory

way to wear scarves 3 as an accessory

Old Hollywood made this look classic and we all know that classic never goes out of style. How many celebs have we seen walking around using this 1940’s iconic look every day? Exactly! And there’s no reason you can’t dress like a boss and still have a splash of starlet glam too!

As you can see here, the possibility of how to go from bland to glam with just one accessory is endless.

How do you style your scarves? Do you have a style accessory that is used just to add some glam to your look? Leave me a comment here so I can get a look at your style too!


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