My Favorite New Cashmere Brand
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My Favorite New Cashmere Brand

Cashmere. Who doesn’t adore it? I sure do. I have a few different brands of cashmere in my closet but I recently found a new brand and today I’m collaborating with them.

Meet The Cashmere Queen: 

Catherine Robinson Cashmere

Catherine Robinson is headquartered in the UK but sells worldwide on her lovely website. Her cashmere is made in Mongolia (known worldwide as the “Land of Blue Sky) and I have to say the quality is unparalleled and just plain yummy.

They carry cashmere wraps, capes, sweaters, scarfs, snoods, leg warmers, gloves and socks. I think that qualifies them as a cashmere expert! The colors are muted colors perfect for every day; vintage rose, ivory, soft greys, pinks and blues. Catherine’s idea is to compliment the buyer’s  skin tone and add a soft glow to brighten one’s complexion. I say, “I’ll take one of each!”

If you are a regular reader of, you know I love companies that take the time to present their products with care.  And that’s exactly what Catherine Robinson does. It arrives as a true gift. In fact, it’s like getting a warm hug! Here’s how it came:

Catherine Robinson Cashmere Unboxing

It was even  beautifully wrapped in tissue together with a cameo infused with Catherine’s signature scent, Grace.  So elegant!

What I loved most about the beautiful pink wrap they sent me is that it’s HUGE, making it a great value.  Unlike other brands, they don’t skimp in the least bit. This will be one of my favorite pieces for travel on a chilly airplane. Here I am showing it off in all its splendor:



So go check out Catherine Robinson’s beautiful cashmere. You will be glad you did. And me? I’m ready to order their beautiful duster!

Catherine Robinson Cashmere Duster

A bit of background directly from Catherine:

I was approaching my 50th birthday, my daughter had left home my husband had sold his business and I thought it was the right time for me to venture into something new!

I have a public relations background and a love of style and of course cashmere and thought I’d have a go at setting up my own business.

I originally sourced my cashmere from Nepal but I wasn’t happy with the quality and the professionalism of the company and found this wonderful established company in Mongolia who are a delight to communicate and work with.  I work closely with the team there on my designs.

My business in the last 5 years has grown enormously and I’m so excited about all my new designs and ideas to increase my brand awareness….I’m venturing into cashmere for gentlemen later this year.  

Maybe the loveliest thing is doing it all at the age I am now; it feels like I’m having a second chance at things and I’m absolutely adoring it…it’s fair to say cashmere is a passion of mine!

Is she not just amazing? I’m definitely happy to have been able to connect with Catherine on a professional level and I just know you, my readers, will love her products as much as I do.





*Disclaimer: Some posts contain affiliate links. Though I may earn a small income should my readers choose to purchase through the links I share, all opinions, reviews and product evaluations are my own. – Patty

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