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UP! Pants – A Review

About: Up! Pants Montréal

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Have I got a little gem for you! Up! Pants recently asked me to do a review of their pants and today’s the day!

Background: For over 30 years Sam Zucker has been manufacturing well-known pull-on pant brands in Montréal, Canada for various labels.  After decades of creating and designing for others, Up! Pants Montréal launched its innovative collection of fashionable, flattering, and affordable pull-on pants.

My Review:

Think active wear meets dress casual. I have to confess that I was a little worried when I read they were “pull on” style; I kept thinking of granny pants. But let me assure you that’s not the case. They are attractive and fabric looks expensive. This new trend is called “atheleisure” and it’s designed specifically to get you through every part of your day. While I would not wear these to work out (read on), atheleisure is a God send!

Patty - UP Pants Review - Black Back

Patty - UP Pants Review - Black Front

Patty - UP Pants Review - White Front

And can you say comfortable or what? When I wear UP! I’m as comfortable as when I’m wearing yoga pants except that they look dressy!   Unlike yoga pants however, these legs are roomy;  I certainly didn’t feel as if I was wearing workout clothes.

Apparently Up! Pants have what the company calls the Thincredible™ fit designed to make you feel thin and confident. I must say that’s exactly how I felt wearing them. The pants have tummy-control features and hip-slimming fabrics and a wide seam down the side which dresses them up. The elastic waistband is designed with “give” to slim a woman’s midsection and the built-in front panel minimizes any muffin top. How awesome is that?

But the bonus? They  are machine washable – no dry cleaning! I can’t wait to take these babies traveling; they will be perfect.


I found them to be generously cut (another bonus and smart marketing-who wants to ever size up?)  If you are in between sizes like me, you might want to size down. The various pant designs run from $110-$165 and are available for purchase at fine boutiques across the country and in Canada. To find a store near you visit





*Disclaimer: Some posts contain affiliate links. Though I may earn a small income should my readers choose to purchase through the links I share, all opinions, reviews and product evaluations are truly my own. – Patty

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