Happy Easter Lovelies

Happiest of Easter to you all!

I so hope this Easter day finds you feasting with family and loved ones and your heart full of joy.

While I don’t often write about my faith, today I make an exception. For me today is not about “the outfit of the day” (“ootd”), the latest accessory or the Easter Bunny. (But he is cute, and he brings chocolate. But that’s not the bigger picture here.) It’s about my faith. I know many in this world feel that Christians are or have become hypocrites, judgmental and inflexible. And sometimes, it’s hard to disagree. But in my view those people don’t really reflect true Christianity. Christianity is quite simple: love God, love people.

Here are a few things that  I’ve experienced through my Christian faith:

  • a peace that surpasses all understanding: This peace is not absolute and ebbs and flows but I find when I come back to my faith in the Lord, it always returns. And as I mentioned in my previous post on anxiety, I’ve found Sarah Young’s devotionals to be of enormous comfort.
  • a reason for being: I also mentioned in my post on what not to say to someone who is depressed, that the holidays are an uncomfortable time. Finding a way to do for others can be both inspiring and soul soothing.
  • a faithful companion: People will let you down but without question, the Lord will not. Yes, bad things happen in this world but to attribute them to God is a convenient easy-out.
  • relationship not religion: For a long time I thought Christianity was about religion. Ha! How wrong!  But based upon the way some discuss Christianity, it’s easy to see how the confusion happens.

Easter quote

So today, I wish you all these things and so much more and a very Happy Easter.


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