That Thief of Joy: Comparison

Hello Lovelies. I recently read an amazing article on Huffington Post on comparison, entitled “Confronting the Deep Middle“. Wow, did it strike a cord with me!  The article challenges us women to start talking more honestly about what we confront in midlife and to stop being secretive. Yes, I truly believe that you’re never stuck but that doesn’t mean the path is always easy and that we don’t struggle! So given this is a blog primarily geared toward midlife, I thought I’d discuss honestly about a midlife pitfall that many of us struggle with.


Sheesh, it’s everywhere without us even realizing it! Someone brilliant once pointed out , “Comparison is the thief of joy.” How’s that for nailing it?   I’ve always prided myself on avoiding this little thief. When I ran my company, I refused to allow myself or  my employees compare us to the competition. I just didn’t go there and adopted an  abundance mindset. In other words, my mindset was that if our competitors did well, so would we.

comparison is the thief of joy

 But after reading the above article , I got to thinking just how subtle this thief is and how easily it can creep into midlife.  Comparisons often include:

  • retirement comparisons
  • weight comparisons
  • success comparisons
  • money comparisons
  • “youthful” comparisons
  • children and grandchildren comparisons
  • athletic comparisons
  • social life comparisons
  • spirituality comparisons

While I don’t suffer with all of the above, some of them do creep in and out. And the list goes on and on doesn’t it? It’s no secret that the media at large and social media foster this. Remember that alleged algorithm experiment Facebook did a while back to see if they could affect our emotions?  Well the thieves are everywhere…

So I’ve  decided to make it my mission to lock this thief out of my life entirely. Yes, this will take lots of awareness and dedication but enough is enough. How about you? Does the thief rob you from time to time? What ideas do you have for us all to lock this nasty thief out of our lives. Will you join me in locking him out?


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