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Stripes – My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic

Stripes have quite a reputation. From vertical making one appear thinner to zebra striped phone cases, we all know that there is little wrong one can do when wearing or accessorizing with striped fashion pieces. Today I want to take a minute to talk about my personal love of stripes and hand out some great tips on how to wear them and rock any look like Mademoiselle Chanel herself!


But First, A Peek into the Past:

Stripes have been ruling the fashion world for more than 150 years. Interestingly, wearing stripes was once considered evil in the medieval times, sometimes even causing imprisonment or death sentence too! It was considered as the clothing to be worn only by the prostitutes, clowns, hangmen and prisoners (which, to date is still the uniform of many prisons). It was only in the mid-19th century that stripes began to entrance people and began to be accepted as a norm in clothing. The French navy men at that time sported a uniform consisting of 21 stripes, one stripe each for Napoleon’s victories. Stripes were often seen on swim suits and as fashion for young children.

Stripes made an appearance in the mainstream fashion after Coco Chanel, when on her trip to the French Rivera noticed the uniform of the marine workers and  was mesmerized and inspired by these stripes. This was the beginning of the craze for stripes.

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic

The 20th century saw all the who’s who of the performing fraternity adorning these adorable prints. Right from artists such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, actors like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to singers like John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. The stripes showed no gender discrimination and became a style staple for men and women alike.

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic

Today, it is considered as a style staple, that is a ‘must-have’ clothing item in every wardrobe! It is seen as a ‘neutral’ print, that never goes out of style. It is most versatile as it doesn’t lose its elegance whether you combine it with stripes of different width, dots, floral prints or animal prints. They are the perfect partners for denims, leather, khakis, miniskirts, overalls, leggings…… the list and combinations are endless.

Here are 5 styles of wearing a blue and white long sleeved T-shirt for both men and women that one can never go wrong with:


Teeming two different kinds of strips over a pair of distressed jeans and a bright red bag as an accessory or even the red nail paint give a perfect laid back look for the weekend.

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic

Shop This Look!

JacketTopJeansFlatsNail ColorBag

(note: these are my favorite flats to pair with an outfit like this! Patricia Green is a genius when it comes to fashionable AND comfortable shoes!)


A colorfully striped top paired with skin tight jeans could make you the cause of envy for looking so casual and chic at the same time. Pair it with a chunky necklace a d sky heels for maximum impact.

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic


Button Down Top – Chain NecklaceFringe Stiletto SandalsSkinny Jeans

Nothing can beat the comfort of stripes worn over cropped denims and sliding into a pair of glam Chuck Taylor’s spells style and comfort in the same breath.

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic


Sequined SweaterCropped Jeans – Sequined Chucks

Pair the tee up with a printed miniskirt and you are well prepared to combat the summers with sophistication and elegance. Match this look with a pair of gladiator sandals and a hobo bag for a classic look.

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic


Crossover SkirtGladiator Sandals – Hobo Bag – Top

Make heads turn with the most fall appropriate ensemble, a camel colored trench style coat paired with a stunning sweater dress and adorable booties,  and sail through fall!

Stripes - My Favorite Tips for How to Look Chic



CoatBootiesSweater Dress


Stripes can be pretty amazing as a featured piece of clothing or as an accessory to make  good outfit great. Tell me your thoughts, do you wear stripes? What’s your favorite way to accessories or pair stripes in your favorite looks?

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  • Stripes are always interesting! I personally, have found that I will LOVE stripes, and then I will HATE them. I am never sure why I go from one extreme to the other. But, I have noticed that they are making a comeback this season. I love the way they look, but not always on “me”. Thank you for the tips!

    p.s. Also, thank you for the pillows. They actually fit in perfectly in my living room/parlor. I have multiple places for them in that room, so I keep moving them around. Eventually, I will decide.

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