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Got Style? 3 More Easy Tips

Got Style? Well, do you?

Hello loyal readers!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled,  Got Style? (You can find it here if you missed it.) The response was so tremendous that we’ve decided to make it into a regular series. As such, you can always find it in the section above section marked “Series” above.

But what am I talking about? Coco Chanel reminded us, “Fashion changes but style endures”. Read on!

Here are 3 more “Got Style?” tips for you:

Got Style?

1. Forget the outfit: Whaaaat??? Forget the outfit? What the heck are you talking about? What I mean by this is forget the matchy-matchy. Grrr-animals are for kids not women. There’s a big difference between fashion and style. “Fashion” is often an entire outfit by one designer whether it’s from Target or Neiman Marcus. Case in point” I was at a weekend event last summer a woman was dressed in Chanel head-to-toe every single day. Clearly, she had no style; he was buying labels! Style is something quite different. Read on!

2. Practice the unexpected: What I mean by this is,  mix it up ladies. The compliments I receive most often are as a result of this little tip. Think:

  • pearls with flannel or a jean shirt;
  • heels with jeans (you can skip this if your feet hurt like mine);
  • fur scarf with a puffy coat, jean jacket or even short sleeves (trust me on the short sleeves);
  • vintage with a tailored trend piece;
  • a shirt by Target with something a bit more expensive; and
  • yoga pants with a long cashmere sweater.

None of this needs to be expensive. We’re creating style not a bank account measure. The key here is just to mix it up unexpectedly.

3. One quality trend only per outfit:  You can file this under “easy does it”.  Dressing in all leopard will most likely get you shot; not a style award. If I am going to wear a trend piece, I am also very careful to make sure it is of the highest quality that I can find. Cheap is cheap.

What are some of your style struggles? What are some of your style tips? I’d love to hear.

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