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Got Personal Style?

I receive a whole lot of email from folks asking me if they should buy a particular item. My answer is always two fold and can be found in earlier blog posts here and here. That said, your personal style is  a whole additional matter. It’s way more that what you buy because well, —it’s you

One of the easiest ways to do create your personal style is to do the following:

Pick a signature item


Whaaaaat? One item? Well, no not exactly. The idea is to pick something that signifies you each any and every time. It can be a brand you wear, a color, a series of items, etc . It can change over time but it’s a quick and easy way to create  your own personal style is to think of it as your “fashion sign”. Let me give you some examples:

– Sue G

My friend Sue almost always wears Ippolita jewelry. Whether she’s wearing a bracelet, a necklace or earrings whenever I see Ippolita jewelry, I think of her. Doesn’t she always looks fabulous here in her Ippolita bracelets?


– Patty H

My dear friend Patty has always adored purple even before it was “in style”. I lovingly tease her that she might be the only person I know who dreams in purple! Seriously, she has more purple variations of the coolest necklaces, scarves, business suits and household items that you could possibly imagine and she always looks chic. Now that’s personal style~finding something you love and adopting it as yours!


– Me, Patty A

My “fashion sign” way back when was the color red. These days it’s evolved more into nerdy statement glasses. (Welcome 50+!!!) I have several pair all glasses in different colors compliments of the fabulous Minneapolis based company, People always tell me that they think of me and cool glasses so that’s become my fashion sign.

I’m curious, do you have a “fashion sign”? What do people tell you reminds them of you?

Patty Signature 3



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  • If I were to pick a signature item it would be the long sleeved button collared Oxford shirt. White blue, black or gray. Recently I’ve learned to soften that shirt with a nice scarf or some earrings and/or interesting necklace, or pair it with a jean jacket, long shorts etc.

    At the risk of sounding 80’s… I’ve always been the girl with “lots of long curly hair”. I’ve allowed my natural gray hair to grow out so now I’m the older lady with lots of long curly gray hair now. LOL I’m afraid my clothing and accessory signature must be super boring and mundane. I don’t think anyone would remember things I wear. Ugh.

  • How can I have updates of new blog posts from my blog being instantly posted upon my Twitter?

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  • J’adore le total look jean avec ce gros bijou. Superbe !

    • Patty Adams

      Merci bien Nadine! Thanks for being a reader of the blog!

    • Patty Adams

      Merci bien Nadine!

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