Ways To Look Ten Pounds Lighter Today: Tip Number 2

Ways To Look Ten Pounds Lighter Today: Tip Number 2

Welcome back peeps and Happy Labor Day weekend!

Our last post was such a resounding success that we continue our series, “Ways to Look Ten Pounds Lighter Today: Tip #2. And thank you for all your private message and comments!

I don’t know about you but I’m sick, tired and confused about all these “experts” telling me what to eat and not eat and promising magic results overnight. Coffee’s good for you ; coffee’s bad for you; now it’s good again! Whaaaateverrrrr. That said, there are several things you can do without spending a dime to look instantly slimmer.

Tip #2: Ditch the “Mom Capri”

Get Rid of the "Mom Capri"

Right now, go in your closet and donate them all. They are not coming back nor should they~ ever! They not only make our legs look short, our ankles big, accentuate us in all the wrong places but they date us. See what I mean?

Please don’t be offended. I used to wear them too. But clearly the same misguided man who put only  2 stalls in a woman’s bathroom invented them. Remember “Mom Jeans”? Well, I’m declaring war on the “Mom Capris”. These lovely women deserve better; we all do!

One caveat: I’m not taking about getting rid of the ankle pant, a tailored crop pant, pencil pant or your cute yoga pants. And yes, gauchos are “in” but that’s a whole different story for another day. Just rid yourself of the Mom Capri asap. You’ve got all of Labor Day weekend to do it!

And always remember~You’re Never Stuck!

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ps. And if you don’t know what to replace them with, have a picture of you tossing your Mom Capris, have ideas for others on what to replace them with or a question please comment below or shoot me an email.

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Comments (16)

  • Oh no – I have to get rid of ¼ of my closet!! But you are right – I have heard this tip before – especially if you are short like me!

    • youreneverstuck

      Bonni I had to bite the bullet too but you will never regret! Bonus? Get to look sooo much taller.

  • This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, Patty. You are ever so correct especially in the more rural areas of our country. Women are still sporting them and they also do not accessorize the pant with the correct shoes, belt or sash. So not stylin’! In the more glamorous metropolitan areas, I believe the tall slender woman can still pull them off with the correct “flare” with flats or pumps. And I’m not talking about the flared capris…those are the worst! Can’t wait to hear your opinion about gauchos. You must give those the boot, to look any bit fashionable. Pun intended! And they should be restricted to the western part of the country! They would look silly elsewhere.
    Can’t wait to read your next post. You have great taste… And suggestions!

    • youreneverstuck

      Dear Mary, Thanks for taking the time to write us such a nice note. The flared capris ~ you are quite right. In fact, I found a pair of capri flared jeans in my closet about 3 years ago and all I could think of was who ever talked me into that! Yuck! I will be writing about the gaucho soon; I tried it and well, was …… I’ll be writing about that later. And thank you again for your kind words!

  • Oddly, I don’t have many capris to dump, so that’s good. I feel like I’m in a different category since I need to lose some weight and usually I wear what fits and looks presentable. Definitely let your readers know that gauchos were a horrible mistake from the start and will never be in style. 🙂

    • youreneverstuck

      Bravo Julie! You are a better woman than I ! And those gauchos… Wait til u see my misguided fortune with those! At least they are not as bad as the dreaded crop top! 😱

  • Great advice! I only have two pairs to get rid of and I haven’t worn them much at all this summer. Please also let your readers know about that gauchos will never be back in style!

  • Patty,

    Thank you thank you for saying what I am always thinking! Ladies look in the mirror! Capris are never a good look! Proud to say I do not even own one pair. And like you, I’m not saying this to be mean, I just want women to be beautiful inside and outside! Think about how our mothers in the 50s and 60s war gorgeous dresses and matching purses and shoes. There was not a Capri in site!

    • youreneverstuck

      Joan, Thank you for your kind words. You are quite right-our mothers were so elegant. I long for the days of matching shoes, purses…and those hats! So glad we have Spanks and not those girdles however!

  • Excuse my bad grammar and spelling. I was talking into my phone! Lol

  • Well for those of us who are short capris are the perfect size with no hemming required 😀

    • youreneverstuck

      Lisa, excellent point! Thanks for bringing that up.

  • YES! Thank you for finally speaking the truth…no more Mom capris! 😲 All great points. Looking forward to the next post!

    • youreneverstuck

      Thanks Christina !

  • I can’t agree with you more about the Capri’s! If you are going to wear the capri length pant, it should be fitted with a great pair of flats!
    I love your content on this blog. It’s fun, courageous and very real.

    • Patty Adams

      Thank you Gigi! I’m happy to hear you like our content and tone. Most importantly, thanks for visiting and come back soon! Xoxo

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